HERMARKET & Thriving Spaces for Female Entrepreneurs

Free Woman Project

This past Sunday, The Free Woman Project made it’s debut at HERMARKET Spring, a space for women-owned, ethically conscious indie brands to thrive. The curated experience brought together tons of brands owned by women of all ages that share a common goal: bringing value to each other.


If you’ve ever been to a flea market or had a booth for your own business, then you know how exhausting it can be when you’re trying to sell your business or your products. Stating the obvious: the business world is a predominantly white, male space. As feminist entrepreneurship accounts pop up by the hundreds on Instagram every day, we are seeing that even these spaces can exclude women of color and those who identify as women in the lgbtq+ community. The environment at HERMARKET provides a space for female entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to not only showcase their brands, but to develop authentic connections with their customers and fellow entrepreneurs. The culture around each booth and every conversation was rooted in wanting to support each other and watch each other thrive. Selling is a lot simpler when all you have to do is tell your story, and this was the common theme with every person I spoke to.

our set up

Market Table Set Up

all the goodies

Full disclosure: We easily could have spent just as much as we made. There were so many brands that were bringing real value to the world including Range Beauty, whose super affordable makeup is equally as conscious about what we are using on our skin; Suakoko Beauty, who is transforming modern, African-inspired fashion; and, Little Sweets ATL, whose gourmet vegan oatmeal cookies I’m still craving days later. There were so many more brands, and so many moments we’ll remember as we continue our journey spreading the message behind the Free Woman Project.


Shoutout to everyone who stopped by to purchase, browse or chat, and especially HERMARKET for creating a space for women owned businesses to thrive.

Check out this video from HERMARKET Spring!