Access to mental health resources

It began with some advice.

“While you are young, you should do daring things.”

Post-undergrad and pre-having-my-life-together, the Free Woman Project was born. It began with a few portraits and some simple, but revolutionary advice from women I met. Soon, it became interviews with my peers, memorable conversations with women from all walks of life, and an idea that we deserve a collective space to uplift one another.

The narratives of women have been hushed and hidden for far too long. Free Woman aims to hold space for self identifying women to own their stories and provide spaces, resources and tools that promote access to mental healthcare.

This is a safe haven for a woman with a story:

A Free Woman


Laurel Wong

FOUNDER | Laurel Wong

Laurel is an Atlanta based artist. After studying international politics at Georgia State University and working for various INGOs, she merged her passion for transformative art with activism and education. When she’s not reading or creating, you can find her planning her next trip or eating pasta with *extra cheese. (If anyone develops a permanent remedy for lactose intolerance hit her up).

Instagram: @laurelawong


Priscilla is a first generation immigrant and mental health advocate. She furthered her love for the power of digital media with a journalism degree at Georgia State University and discovered two new passions: women’s studies and sociology. Priscilla spends her free time binge watching her latest TV obsession, exploring the public discourse on current events and hoping to go viral on Twitter (one day).

Instagram: @cillamede

Priscilla About Page

Eboni Johnson

WRITER | Eboni Johnson

Eboni is a published author and poet who writes political pieces. Almost 99.9% of the time, she is somewhere meditating with incense burning and an India Arie tune playing in the background. Her biggest goal is to radically change the world around her to make it a better place for all who are oppressed or marginalized.